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What is SkillUp™ Luzerne / Schuylkill?

SkillUp™ Luzerne / Schuylkill is designed to help Luzerne County and Schuylkill County, PA to build a workforce ecosystem that supports positive economic development. Job seekers can explore career pathways, view local job postings, register for free online learning, and receive workforce services. Employers can search for qualified candidates, post jobs, and receive in-depth consulting to address hiring and training needs.

Pennsylvania has supported the SkillUp™ PA initiative by allocating state tax dollars to spearhead the implementation of this online learning portal. The Pennsylvania Department of Labor & Industry was competitively awarded federal tax dollars through the United States Department of Labor – Employment and Training Administration CAREER National Dislocated Worker Grant (NDWG) totaling $3 million. The CAREER NDWG is entirely federally funded and 100% of these funds will be utilized to purchase licenses and further implement the SkillUp™ PA initiative over a multi-year period.